The Rife Handbook By: Nenah Sylver


The Rife Handbook By: Nenah Sylver

The Rife Handbook By: Nenah Sylver | Ebooks – Medical | PDF | 26.79 MiB
January 1st 2009 | ISBN: 098180750X | English | 760 pages

Author: Nenah Sylver

This updated, revised, completely rewritten and expanded version of the 2001 Rife Handbook of Frequency Healing was worth waiting for. A combination holistic health primer and manual on Rife frequency technology, this book teaches you — in scientific but understandable terms — how Royal Rife created the technology, and the vast number of health conditions that can be helped by it, used by laypersons and health practitioners alike. Chapter 4, “Frequently Asked Questions About Rife Sessions and Equipment,” offers the nuts and bolts on how to select a unit that’s right for you, who can safely use this technology, how to give a Rife session to yourself (or to family, friends and pets), and specific troubleshooting tips for optimal sessions. Chapter 5 alone is 204 pages, a cross-referenced Frequency Directory addressing cancer, colitis and digestive disorders, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders, Mycoplasma, parasites, Lyme, respiratory infections, retroviruses, healing and regeneration, new lab-tested frequencies for Candida, and much more. Even those who don’t own a device will find this book full of useful info: the history of medicine, differences between allopathic and holistic medicine, how synthesized drugs suppress the body’s natural function, how the FDA and drug industry conceal negative drug test results, how double-blind studies are unscientific and unethical, drug-related causes of teen violence, dangers of vaccines, life cycles of a microbe (pleomorphism) and why germs alone do not cause disease, and how emotional and mental states change DNA. One chapter is devoted to complementary therapies to use with rifing, including oxygen/ozone, bodywork, sauna detox and light. There are two stunning photo sections on Rife’s life and inventions, and modern frequency devices (including lasers and LEDs). There’s also an extensive bibliography, three appendices, and an index.

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