Sacred Herbs for Healing By: Frann Leach


Sacred Herbs for Healing By: Frann Leach

Sacred Herbs for Healing By: Frann Leach | Ebooks – General Non-Fiction | MOBI | 1.04 MiB
December 24th 2012 | ASIN: B00ASMJFR4 | English | 101 pages

Author: Frann Leach

There are many herbs around the world which have been regarded as sacred, though Christianity does seem to have far more than most other religions. Collected here are 27 herbs with religious connections, all but six of which could be called Christian herbs.

As well as an explanation of why it’s included, each herb listed has details of how to grow it, what ailments it can be used for, which type of remedy to use for which ailment and other non-medicinal uses. Preppers and others interested in medicnal herbs will find Sacred Herbs for Healing a useful addition to their herbal medicine library.

What’s in this book:

Herbs with religious connections
Why organic growing methods are important
Safety first
Remedies in this book which can be used during pregnancy
Details for the following herbs: ajowan, crab apple, thorn apple, ashwagandha, barberry, chamomile, passion flower, frankincense, hyssop, Jacob’s ladder, lily of the valley, sacred lotus, love lies bleeding, lungwort, mistletoe, common plantain, rue, European goat’s rue, Solomon’s seal, southernwood, blessed milk thistle, St Benedict’s thistle, vervain, bishop’s weed, sweet woodruff, wormwood and St John’s wort
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