Algorithms at Work By: Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths [Audiobook]


Algorithms at Work By: Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths [Audiobook]

Algorithms at Work By: Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths [Audiobook] | Audiobooks – Computer/Internet | [email protected]/s | 258.75 MiB
2022-01-27 | ASIN: B09QXSXKTR | english

Author: Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths

In this highly intoxicating original series, researchers Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths, authors of the best-selling smash hit, Algorithms to Live By, tackle some of the biggest ideas in computer science today – and, in the process, illuminate cutting-edge ways of understanding how we live, work and play.

They take us inside a tomato factory where no one has a job title to shed new light on decentralized network structures; visit an Olympic fencer to explore the game theory of when to make the first move; and tour the birthplace of the internet, a buzzing laboratory on the border of France and Switzerland, to examine the true – and truly human – limits to what a network of nearly one million machines can achieve.

Along the way, they interview key figures in the world of computer science – from Google’s Vice President of Infrastructure Eric Brewer to ‘the godfather of distributed systems’ Leslie Lamport – plus preeminent neuroscientists, sociologists, and even the co-founder of Instagram.

Algorithms at Work is a playful and deeply inquisitive exploration of the overlapping questions of computer science and society. The result is six episodes that examine the world in unexpected and memorable ways.

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